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korey klingenberg trinium inc

Korey Klingenberg

CEO, Trinium Inc.

Korey Klingenberg, the CEO of Trinium Contractors, started his professional journey at Kansas State University and working towards a B.S. in Construction Science & Management. Shortly after graduating, he went on to work at GE Johnson Construction where for the next 16 years he developed his skills within the construction industry. Honest, optimistic, and hard-working clients love working with Korey for his open book policy and enthusiasm for tackling any issue (opportunities) that arise. When asked what he does he simply replies, “Whatever it takes.”

Currently a member of the Optimist Club (and looking to join more organizations), Korey delights in supporting his 3 kids in their various extracurricular activities. He also hopes to honor his mother’s example of overcoming life’s challenges, never complaining, and providing for his family through a job that gives his life meaning. Korey’s personal motto is “Find the positive in every situation” and his favorite movie line is “You miss 100% of the shots you never take.”

marcin stanko trinium inc

Marcin Stanko

COO, Trinium Inc.

Marcin Stanko, a Purdue University graduate, is the Chief Operations Officer for Trinium Contractors. His professional background includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management and over $400M of primarily negotiated CMAR projects ranging from K-12 and beyond to Government and Healthcare. Wherever he goes, Marcin brings a working culture of Safety, Quality, and Scheduling in his desire to promote effective training, reinforcement, and company structure. He is driven by a desire to help the people around him by providing guidance and support in their paths to personal development and fulfillment. Many clients enjoy working with Marcin for his methodical approach to project development and his innate sense of urgency to complete a project on time. One of his recent accomplishments included leading a staff of eight and numerous subcontractors in establishing a $70M Engineering Education and Research Building for the University of Wyoming.

On evenings and weekends after work, you can find Marcin working on his farm and ranch in Flint Hills where he breeds fine horses and livestock with his wife and three children. One of Marcin’s longtime heroes is Stephen Hawking for his ability in overcoming great adversity with a can-do attitude and his invaluable contributions to humanity’s efforts in understanding the nature of the universe.

lee hecke trinium inc

Lee Hecke

Project Manager / Superintendent

A stellar Project Manager and Superintendent for Trinium Contractors, Lee Hecke brings his 25 years of construction experience to ensure every project is done right. When working as a Project Manager his top priority is collaborating with clients to ensure that their projects stay on budget. Alternatively, when working as a Superintendent his focus shifts to ensuring that the job site stays safe, the project’s timeline stays on schedule, and the work of the crews is of the highest quality. His personal mantra is to stay approachable to clients by making them his priority and working hard to ensure all of their needs are handled with minimal complications. One of his greatest joys is admiring his crew’s work after a project is completed and knowing that he not only helped to build something great but also developed lasting relationships with the people he has worked with.

When he isn’t working hard on the job, Lee serves as an Assistant High School Coach to his local wrestling team. He also enjoys working on pet projects around his house and spending quality time with his family. Lee greatly admires his Dad who has always persevered through any challenge and made every sacrifice necessary to ensure that his family lives a good life. He lives by two of his favorite sayings “Always strive to do your best while staying true to who you are and have some fun along the way” and “You got what you earned.”

candace woodbury trinium inc

Candace Woodbury

Office Manager

Candace Woodbury is our one of a kind Office Manager at the Trinium Contractors Headquarters. Never one afraid to take on a challenge after graduating from Manhattan Area Vo-Tech she moved to Florida to join the Acousti Engineering Company of Florida as a Jobsite Assistant. Over the next seven years, she re-vitalized the company’s Accounts Payable department while climbing up the ladder eventually reaching the position of Payroll Manager and Project Assistant. Holding a demeanor that is pleasant, approachable, and always client-focused, she loves seeing how she can work with clients to bring their financial solutions to life.

In her spare time, Candace loves to cross-stitch and take spontaneous trips to her Mama’s house. She professes that her treasured relationships with her children, family, and friends are what gives her life meaning.
Favorite personal motto: “If it’s not fun, why do it?”

Favorite movie quote: “If you limit your actions in life to things that nobody can possibly find fault with, you will not do much.” – Alice in Wonderland

Jason Suther


As a member of the Knights of Columbus and the Amanda Arnold Site Based Council, Jason Suther shows integrity and honesty every day that he comes into work as an Estimator for Trinium Contractors. Drawing from his experience as a Construction Science & Management graduate from Kansas State University, Jason always takes the time to work closely with subcontractors and suppliers to gather accurate and reliable pricing for Trinium projects. His clients admire his honest and straight-forward style of communication and his personal goal of ensuring that everyone fully understands the plan before beginning a project.

Aside from being actively involved in community service, Jason also loves to watching Kansas State sporting events with his family and working on various woodworking projects around the house. He credits his ambition and ethics to his dad who showed him the value that comes from hard work and honesty. Jason also has a personal bucket list that includes a trip to Jerusalem, Machu Picchu and Acropolis in Athens.

Matt Horton

Project Manager

Since 2016 Matt Horton has been working as an integral part of Trinium Contractors operating as one of our premiere Project Managers. His dedication to reviewing projects in order to showcase potential new approaches to clients that can improve quality while maintaining the established budget and schedule is a rare talent to find. He is a graduate of Kansas State University with a specialization in Construction Science & Management and has past experience working with Rosendin Electric (located in Hawaii).

When Matt is away from his work he dedicates time to hunting and fishing with his son and when possible planning vacations for his family to visit unique places around America. A self-professed beach lover he believes happiness can be found on any shoreline with his close-knit family. His favorite survival question is “What three things would you bring if you were shipwrecked on an island?” and currently his answer is “A knife for protection, cleaning food and for shaping or cutting supplies into more tools or shelter. A lighter for fire starting and lighting a path. Finally, a metal bucket for water collection, digging and for transporting collected goods easily.”


Michael Rankin

Project Manger, Estimator

Michael Rankin, our Estimator and Project Manager at Trinium Contractors, has a passion for carefully listening to and analyzing every client’s needs so that he can personalize each project to their preferences. Michael is responsible for developing pre-construction estimates, controlling budgets, and providing day-to-day communication with the project team to ensure jobs remain on schedule and within budget. He has lived in Manhattan since graduating with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Central Missouri.
When not at Trinium, Michael enjoys sports, fishing, and exploring nature with his two dogs Brady and Maverick. After traversing through the mountains of Patagonia, Michael plans to hike Mount Roraima in Venezuela and the Inca Trail in Peru.


Scott Warren


Scott Warren is a Project Manager for Trinium Contractors. He received a B.S. in Construction Science & Management. Currently Scott is a member of the Wamego Pyro Crew. Scott plans and schedules men and materials for construction projects. Clients like working with Scott because of his construction knowledge and ability to communicate.  When he is not working he is spending time with his kids or working in his shop. His favorite thing to do in Manhattan is going to KSU football games. Scott admires his grandfather. Good or bad he always had unshakable values.


Zach Leon

Project Manager

Zach Leon is a Project Manager for Trinium Contractors. He received a BS in Construction Science and Management from Everglades University. He has worked for Mid-West Steel erecting metal buildings and CBS Manhattan as a traveling carpenter. Clients like working with Zach because he is honest, hardworking and pays attention to details. When he is not working he is spending time with his wife and 3 dogs hiking the Konza trails, hunting, kayaking or anything outdoors Zach admires his mother and father for pushing through the hard times and staying positive. His favorite movie line is “Worrying is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do but it doesn’t get you anywhere.” Van Wilder. Zach hopes to go to a Pittsburg Steelers game in Pennsylvania.

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